Open ticket sales – Annual concert 2018

The sale of tickets for our annual concert, 1918-1928-2018 is open. This year the concert will be in the light of the annversaries connected to the year 2018.

For the 90th birthday of our honorary member Jakob Jež, we will present some of his best pieces. The 100th anniversary of the death of Ivan Canar, our most acclaimed writer, is a fantastic opportunity for a repetition of the shocking choir prayer, Oče naš hlapca Jerneja written by Karol Pahor and to commemorate the actuality of it’s words in a new piece by Aldo Kumar. We must also not forget the tragic fate of all the victims, that fell in the 1st World War. For this, we will remember them with a Requiem, written by Gabriel Fauré, and performed with Jaka Mihelač, baritone, Anea Mercedes Anžlovar, soprano, and Tomaž Sevšek, organ. The etheric music of the beloved lithurgic piece will be rounded off by folk songs and a new piece by Matej Kastelic as well as a miniature of the russian neoromantic, Georgij Sviridov.

The tickets are available for 15, 12 and 8*€. You can buy them in the Information centre and ticket sales Cankarjev Dom (underway Maxi), or via the internet HERE.

*For persons under 25 or over 65